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Originally from Rhode Island, Adam Clark grew up with a school-teaching mother and a father who was a creative builder. His first exposure to jewelry making was visiting his grandmother while she was working at a jewelry manufacturer. He vividly recalls being fascinated by the machinery and tools. This began a life long curiosity and dedication to jewelry making.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art and following his formal education, apprenticed with several renowned metal artists. In 1994, he taught his first wedding ring workshop and since then, he has guided over 500 couples in the making of rings for their special day. 

In 2000, he opened Scintillant Studio, a community space dedicated to teaching and supporting all levels of jewelry artists and metal craftspeople. 

Known for his patience and understanding, coupled with high expectations, Adam brings to his teachings an enthusiasm that is both contagious and a little outrageous.

About the video:
Special thanks to newlywed Kate who made her engagement ring and wedding bands at one of our workshops. Kate melted down her grandmother's wedding band and recycled the gold for her engagement ring. During the workshop, we also reset the diamonds and customized the ring.

About the video:
Special thanks to Brandon Eversole for providing a wonderful video documentary showcasing this very meaninful day with Elisha and Chris.

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