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Jen & Ben

“Making our rings was the perfect way to begin our engagement. I had told my fiancée that I wanted a ring made from recycled and/or responsibly-mined materials, and he found Adam's workshop, which was all of those things plus a million times more meaningful.

We crafted rings for each other using the gold from my grandfather's wedding band. Adam is not only a master jewelry-maker, but he's a genius at teaching beginners how to craft beautiful, professional-looking, heirloom-quality rings on their first day in the studio (plus, using the blow torch was pretty awesome).

We are excited that these rings are something we'll be able to pass on to our grandchildren someday.”

- Jen & Ben

Daniel & Anais

“Making our own wedding rings was a deeply personal experience, but it was also extremely fun.  I have a decent amount of shop experience but my fiancée had none whatsoever, and we both had a fantastic time. Adam Clark deserves the credit for this.  He's a great teacher and also he's very easy to be around (which is important during a 6-hour workshop).

In some small way, it's too bad that we'll only need one set of rings for the rest of our lives, I want to go back and make more!”

- Daniel & Anais

Lana & Ragnar

"We had a great time making our rings! Being able to melt gold, hit stuff with a hammer and use a torch is just pure fun, period. But the most interesting aspect of this experience was being able to shape materials that [initially] looks like nothing into a polished, beautiful, delicate, stylish, precious jewel.

Having Adam show us what to do and explain everything is a major part of the experience -- the guy is just super cool and smart good at what he does!

Every step was a fascinating learning experience and the result looks exactly as we imagined and designed. Having made these bands together, there is more meaning behind them than any 
store bought ring could have.”

-Lana & Ragnar

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Matt & Maggie

Forget machine-made casted rings. We're firing up the 6000 degree torch, acid baths, hammers, and sanders and doing this shit ourselves. Totally awesome experience and Adam (the shop owner) couldn't have been a better guide.

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